Darby Technology Ventures Group, LLC (DTV) has invested in Sysgold, a privately held software company established in 1995 and based in Miami, Florida.

Richard H. Frank, Chief Executive Officer of DTV and of Darby Overseas Investments, Ltd., stated that, “Sysgold provides critical cost savings and efficiency gains to Latin American corporations with large mobile field forces. We are convinced about the soundness of Sysgold’s technology and its business model”

DTV Principal, Jonathan Whittle, said that “Sysgold brings outstanding software technology to an expanding market. It is an important supplier to a range of leading multinational corporations and we believe the firm is highly competitive. This conclusion is based on an extensive review of the wireless enterprise software sector across Latin America.”

Sysgold, founded by CEO Federico Restrepo, provides wireless software applications and mobile workforce solutions to enterprise customers. These solutions streamline critical business functions that involve employees operating in the field, specifically those areas related to sales and distribution, logistics, merchandising and customer relationship management. Based on proprietary software, Sysgold’s solutions provide its customers with productivity gains in the range of 30 – 50% on average while seamlessly integrating with most ERP systems. It has sold over 8,500 software licenses to a broad array of industries.

DTV’s shareholders in addition to Darby include IBM, Comcast Interactive Capital, Bechtel Enterprises, Franklin Templeton and CxNetworks, the technology subsidiary of Cemex. DTV’s Latin American investment focus is on enterprise software, information technology, infrastructure services, enabling technologies, and networking and it also provides advisory services for mid-market technology companies.